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Wilson County Plate

You can pre-purchase your new Wilson County, The Place To Be license plate online!

The cost is $35 and you can purchase your new plate ANY TIME. You do NOT need to wait until your renewal.

Purchase your plate today and be one of the first to get this great new license plate and show everyone on the road that Wilson County IS The Place To Be.

United Way - Wilson County
Also, 50% of the fee for your new specialy plate will come back to Wilson County as a donation to Wilson County United Way.

This is the initial offering of these new plates - we must collect 1,000 orders before the plates will be delivered. Sign up today and get one of the very first plates ever!

The cost is $35 - the charge will appear as:



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About Custom License Plates

The State of Tennessee offers license plates for Tennessee motorists to display on their registered motor vehicles.

We are proud to announce the new Wilson County, The Place To Be license plate!

This will be a NEW offering, and will NOT be initially available at the local county clerk's office.

However, you can pre-order your license plate online! Alternatively, you can also download/print a .pdf format of the Wilson County: The Place To Be License Plate form by clicking here.

The Wilson County specialty plate is unique because it also benefits our local United Way.  The distribution formula is mandated by the state and all specialty license plates follow this guideline.  50% of your fee goes to Wilson County United Way, 40% of your fee goes to state Arts Commission, also a non-profit, and 10% goes to the state Highway Fund.  Therefore, 90% of your plate purchase is tax deductible. 

IMPORTANT-PLEASE NOTE: Specialty plates cannot be personalized in this first 1000.  After that, you can order a personalized version of a specialty plate with up to five letters or numbers.  The fee for that plate will be an additional $35.

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